Staying in Athens

Looking for a place to stay? There are a lot of options for hotels ranging from 1 to 5 star ones. Indicative prices per person per night:

Single Double Dorm
5-star 130 € 100 €
4-star 110 € 80 €
3-star 90 € 60 €
2-star 50 € 30 €
Boutique 110 € 65 €
Hostel 20 € - 40 € 15 € - 30 € 10 € - 20 €

Where to stay

We would suggest to find a hotel near a metro station otherwise it may be difficult to reach the venue within a sensible time window. If you also want to see the city during your stay in Athens it would be wise to select something centrally located.

Our suggestions for best locations to look for accommodation are the following:

  • Acropolis, Syggrou Fix and Koukaki: hotels in these areas are usually close to more than one metro station, lots of bus stations and usually within walking distance from Acropolis, Plaka and other sightseeings.
  • Syntagma, Monastiraki and Plaka: hotels in these areas are also close to more than one metro station, lots of bus stations and within the historical city center.
  • Ilisia (between Michalakopoulou Str. and Vasilissis Sofias Avenue): here you can find usually more luxury hotels with a better value for money ratio, since they are a little bit outside the city center. The transportation though is pretty good cause there are a few metro stations around and thus both the city center and the conference venue are easy to reach.

Where to book online

  • RealTrip: Special hotel offers for EuRuKo 2013 delegates and as a side bonus holiday suggestions for after the conference.
  • Brother site of our selene sponsor "" with extensive hotel inventory and a special promo for EuRuKo delegates looking for air tickets to Athens (5€ discount per passenger).
  • Trivago: Nice meta-searcher comparing online prices for almost every hotel. Quite handy if you know which hotel you are looking for.
  • DealAngel: Nice UI to help you find the hotel you are looking for based on location and other criteria.
  • Airbnb: A possibly better alternative to hotels with accommodation offerings from locals, ranging from simple shared rooms to luxury apartments.
  • House Trip: Similar to Airbnb with a lot of listings for Athens.
  • CouchSurfing: Free hospitality from locals if you are into such things :). Athens has a strong CouchSurfing community so chances are that you will be able to find a host relatively easy.

Special offers for EuRuKo delegates

We have managed to get some special offers for EuRuKo delegates. These prices are guaranteed until May 20th and are valid only for offline bookings made through Aktina Travel with the exception of Divani Caravel and Divani Palace Acropolis for which you have to contact the hotels directly.

Hotel Rating Room type Price
Divani Caravel Superior Single Room 125 €
Superior Double Room 135 €
Divani Palace Acropolis Deluxe Single Room 115 €
Deluxe Double Room 125 €
Airotel Stratos Vasilikos Single 89 €
Double/Twin 92 €
Tripple 120 €
The Athens Gate Single 115 €
Double/Twin 126 €
Tripple 170 €
Hera Single 96 €
Double/Twin 117 €
Airotel Alexandros Single 78 €
Double/Twin 78 €
Herodion Single 110 €
Double/Twin 124 €
Athens Diamond Single 90 €
Double/Twin 120 €
Tripple 140 €
Philippos Single 75 €
Double/Twin 96 €
Acropolis Select Single 69 €
Double/Twin 83 €
Tripple 102 €
Adrian Single 55 €
Double/Twin 65 €
Tripple 77 €
Jason Inn Single 45 €
Double/Twin 46 €
Tripple 60 €


  • All prices include breakfast, taxes and free cancellation policy unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Prices for Divani Caravel and Divani Acropolis are valid only for the days of the conference.

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