Plan your vacations

You are coming to Greece. It's going to be summer. It would be madness NOT to take some awesome vacations!

Suggestion 1: Geeks on a boat - the EuRuKo 2013 edition!

The incredible guys behind Incrediblue have come up with a special collection of sailing boats and a special trip that will take you straight from the conference and into the blue for an amazing sailing experience.

The trip starts on June 30 and you can either jump in early in the morning or spend the previous night on board. Starting from 350 € and up to 575 € for 7 days of a totally blue experience, your friends are going to be seriously jealous of you!

Enough talking, see for yourself what we are talking about!

P.S.: Chances are that you will find some of the organizers on these boats after EuRuKo ;)

Suggestion... N: Just pick an island!

With a few hundred of inhabited islands and then a few thousand more, that can be only reached on a rented boat, we are pretty sure that you will find at least a dozen that you would potentially like to go.

Here's some additional inspiration:

Ferry tickets can be booked from, and for your lodging needs we suggest that you use the travel agencies already mentioned in the accommodation guide.


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