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May 27, 2013

  • nikosd Logo (e-Travel S.A.) ranks among the 10 most powerful European players in e-tourism, operating leading sites across Eastern and Southern Europe. The majority of its business comes from Russia, where the brand is a top 3 player, while the rest of its operations comes from Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Poland and 7 more countries. The company provides daily to thousands of people globally the opportunity to travel worldwide, on a 24/7, cost-efficient and comfortable basis. The technological platform of e-Travel, and its practices in online marketing are used as best practice cases within the Online Travel Market in the area.

With technology build-in to the company DNA, they are never afraid to try something new, rebuild their infrastructure or change the way they work in order to produce better, more robust, more efficient and more innovating products. This wouldn’t be possible without a diverse and talented engineering team comprised of more than 20 people with different backgrounds, experiences and skills.

It is the kind of company that generated and supported a handful of cool new projects through its Innovation Days (Hackathon-like event), some of which are already live serving end-users. The company always welcomes passionate software developers that love coding in different languages/frameworks and fancy experimenting, learning and sharing. Dev Team

If you are an awesome developer (Ruby or not) that wants to make a difference by putting in practice the latest and greatest of technology, is surely the place to be.

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